Finding Rhythm: A Journey Through The Musical Brain

Finding Rhythm:
A Journey Through The Musical Brain

Sat, December 19, 2020
3:00 PM – 4:30 PM EST

A Growing Brains Production with an all star cast, Finding Rhythm fuses brain science with an original music score inspired by Washington DC’s Go-Go music. Children will listen, move and sing along, while the whole family learns how rhythm grows children’s brains!

The story:

In the beginning, there was a rhythm. Mother Dance shows us how this rhythm grew in Africa, and why the original rhythm helps us move together, and know where we come from. Father Dance teaches us how the rhythm travelled through Latin America to DC, and became Go-Go music: he teaches children where to look to find their own rhythm, and to find true connection. Along with their friend the Scientist/Narrator, they teach us that rhythm grows the brain! And when we allow children to find rhythm and grow their own brains, they discover the source of their power.

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